Albania: Adriatic mystery

Albania might not be a popular destination among conventional tourists as yet but it looks increasingly likely to become such. It has a thrilling rugged skyline because the country is 70% covered by mountains and lovely beaches on both the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Its economy is also experiencing big changes as the country moves away from the Communism to the possibility of joining the EU. Still, it is largely unknown to most outsiders and this section is here to shed some light on this terra incognita.

Some official statistics on Albania can be seen here.

There's also information on laws, transport, health, education and work in Albania.

Current prices on essential and not-so-essential things and latest news are also covered.

Reflections of those living in Albania and visiting it are shared under the Subjective section which also presents Plus, Minus and Interesting aspects of this country as well as its photos.

Finally, a couple of useful links and tips are here for you too.

And, of course, the most up-to-date and hands-on source of information about this country is a dedicated forum.