Knowing Europe

News (20090623) Under stated. Somalia, Zimbabwe and Sudan definitely are. Failed states, that is...
Europe is big and old. It is also quite interesting.
At times. At places. Most of the times and most of the places, in fact.

There might be cases, however, when being in Europe doesn't feel great. And, for the sake of completeness and correctness, they should be highlighted too.

As pretty much everything else, Europe has its bad and good sides and this resource is here to address them all.
But how?
Who's going to tell the truth?
Who's going to provide the facts?
Who's going to share the experience?
Who's going to care, after all?
You. And them. And us. And maybe even somebody else.
Everybody who's interested, in short.

So if you're interested in finding useful information about Europe, this place is for you. If you also have something to share and are willing to share it, you're even more welcome here. After all, this is going to be an example of a Public On-Line Exchange of Knowledge about all things European.

This exchange, naturally, has a forum with a dedicated section for every important location in Europe.
There is also a lot of country-specific information from both official and unofficial sources where new and old members of this community are encouraged to share their experience on living in and visiting a particular place.
As a picture is worth a thousand words, photos of Europe seem mandatory here and they can be found in the Photoalbums.

This is a working example but it is not a finished product and is not supposed to reach its completion stage anytime soon.
Therefore, empty pages or missing sections (not broken links, however, which should be eliminated from this site as soon as noticed) are quite normal here. They just designate a space for future directions and developments. And the content will follow.

It's very much like a good question which often provokes a worthwhile communication with improved understanding and knowledge for both the asking and the answering sides.
And the question is - Are you interested in Knowing Europe?